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...Promoting Unity among Nigerians in Georgia- (The peach state)

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The immediate mission of NICORE is to create and build a formidable economic base for the Nigerian community in USA. The NICORE approach is to develop of a viable corporation owned and managed by Nigerian professionals that believe in the reality of the American dream, and share a common vision that a strong economic foundation for all Nigerians is realizable through the utilization of Nigerian talents and resources. The ultimate mission of NICORE is to create a practical environment for fostering economic empowerment, entrepreneurial growth and unity amongst all Nigerians in the US.

The purpose of NICORE is to organize, coordinate, and promote the socioeconomic, cultural and national interests of Nigerians in US through economic empowerment.




NICORE offers one hundred thousand (100,000) shares, of Common Stock Class, A series with Par Value Per Share of one hundred dollars ($100.00).

The business and socio-cultural interests of NICORE include:

  1. Business development, financing, banking/credit unions, and acquisition of franchises.

  2. Real Estate development, leasing, sales and management.

  3. Promotion of Nigerian Arts, culture, & literature, by organizing and sponsoring festivals, workshops & seminars. The NICORE annual family picnic and the NICORE Festival of World Arts & Culture (every 3 years) are two regular culture-promoting activities that have economic implications.

  4. To establish NICORE CENTER as an economic, industrial, communication, cultural and business center in the City of Atlanta, USA, then follow socioeconomic and cultural issues affecting individual Nigerians, their regional and ethnic organizations in the US, build trust and bridge gaps among Nigerians, the regional and ethnic organizations, and encourage mutual respect, amiable relationships, unity and cooperation, encourage and promote common Nigerian activities.

  5. Buyers' club membership (e.g., Sam's , Cars, Food, beverages et cetera).

  6. Educational, scholarship and grant opportunities for qualified Nigerians.

  7. Immigration and naturalization issues affecting Nigerians in the US, including integration matters and voting privileges for resident Nigerians in Nigerian and US elections.

  8. Ambassadorial duties to promote the image of Nigeria & Nigerians.

  9. Health awareness & education;

  10. Science & technology transfer;

  11. Communication;

  12. Specific philanthropic projects and missions in different parts of Nigeria.




NICORE is an organization based on the principles of democracy, unity, peace, social justice, equity, discipline, and cooperative effort for group economic advancement, well-being and empowerment. Sovereignty in NICORE belongs to the shareholders from whom all authorities in the organization derive all their powers. The motto of NICORE is Unity Is Strength, symbolizing the huge socioeconomic force that would result from harnessing, unifying and focusing the economic power of Nigerians in America. NICORE philosophy is emphasized in the bye-laws which stipulates that its officials shall reflect the Federal characters of Nigeria.


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Akwa Ibom-Atlanta
Eko Club Atlanta
Esan Leadership Forum
Esan Progressives
Igbo Union Atlanta
Ika Association USA
Ikeduru Association
Isiekenesi Union
Isoko Association
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Nigerian Ministers
ONIMA Institute
Otu Umunne
Ondo State Association
Otu Umu Okpu Anambra
The Nubians
Uma Gbae N’Edo Club
Urhobo Association
Yorubas of Atlanta
Youth Alliance

ANOG is about promoting unity values, progress, information sharing, advocacy as well as  cultural understanding between member organizations and the rest of the society


The Secretariat: Alliance of Nigerian Organizations of Georgia
Postal address:  P. O. Box 4209, Atlanta, GA. 30302.
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